custom electronic packaging

Types of Custom Electronic Packaging

In today’s world, custom electronic packaging must adapt to technological advances, increasing global demand, and changing brand expectations. With more electronic products being sold online than ever before, it’s crucial to partner with a packaging company with an eCommerce background. Shipping heavy or lightweight electronics internationally or across the United States? From standard regular slotted […]

wholesale shipping boxes

Wholesale Shipping Boxes Protect and Promote

Wholesale sales in the US dropped sharply during the first months of the pandemic, but by the end of 2020, sales had rebounded to pre-pandemic numbers and continued to grow, increasing almost 22% from December 2020 to December 2021, according to Statistica. As demand increased, so did the need to wholesale shipping boxes. Moving large […]

custom industrial packaging

What is the Difference Between Custom Industrial Packaging and Consumer Packaging?

Over the years, custom industrial packaging has increased the efficiency, cost savings, and environmental benefits for manufacturers, retailers, and consumers alike. Whereas consumer packaging places a premium on the product brand and marketing, industrial packaging prioritizes protection and safety for B2B shipping. Compared to consumer packaging, industrial packaging is engineered to protect and store large […]

Custom Product Boxes

Why You Should Consider Custom Product Boxes

If you have put a lot of sweat equity into your product, you don’t want your packaging to be an afterthought. Whether you’ve designed it, grown it, formulated it, or manufactured it, you have an investment and a responsibility to ensure your product gets to its recipient unscathed and at the best possible cost. Custom […]

packaging design services

Cost-Effective Packaging Design Services for Any Application

Corrugated packaging is a material that takes your product from manufacturing to the end-user, whether it be a consumer, business, or retailer. With the right packaging design services, your custom-printed boxes will be completely personalized for your business, supply chain, and for the needs of your end consumer. From graphic to structural design suited for […]

ecommerce packaging solutions

Ensure Faster and Safer Deliveries with eCommerce Packaging Solutions

When competing against an influx of eCommerce products, from trending health care products to mobile accessories and electronics, facing online competition with the same strategy isn’t a sustainable way to grow. As it becomes increasingly difficult to differentiate your brand, there are more factors to consider. Meeting customer expectations with streamlined and branded eCommerce packaging […]

industrial packaging supplies

Corrugated Manufacturing and Industrial Packaging Supplies

Axis Corrugated Container delivers tailored industrial packaging supplies and solutions that decrease overall carton costs, reduce fill voids, and optimize packaging design. Our products are used throughout many industries, including manufacturing and industrial applications. Corrugated containers from Axis are specially designed to protect many types of industrial components as they are stored or transported. Why […]

What You Need to Know About Custom Printed Corrugated Boxes

Custom printed corrugated boxes might sound like an extravagance, but competition is fierce in many industries, and standing out among all the brown boxes may provide a competitive advantage. Whether you need e-commerce packaging, produce boxes, or industrial shipping boxes, printing the box creates a professional appearance and increases brand equity. Benefits of Custom Printed […]

online retail packaging solutions

Why Corrugated Boxes Provide the Most Popular Online Retail Packaging Solutions

From groceries, clothing, and home office supplies to healthcare products and more, anything consumers could possibly need is now available on their front doorstep. As a result, many retailers are pivoting to meet customers where they’re at. With a 44% spike in consumer spending in 2020 from 2019, more online retail packaging solutions are needed […]