Additives and Coatings

Coated Shipping Boxes

Damage can occur to even the strongest corrugated boxes. Water is the biggest enemy but coated shipping boxes will resolve the threat. Moisture weakens the board structure, box joints and closures. With products where a high degree of water resistance is required, such as fresh produce, fruit and meats, the paper is coated and the board combined with a water resistant adhesive. When contents must remain dry, Axis can apply the required coating solutions to our corrugated boxes in NC.

Abrasions happen to appliances, furniture, auto parts, ceramic components and painted products while the package is in transit. Axis abrasion resistant coatings add a new dimension to packaging performance.

Axis also coats our linerboard with release coatings, anti-static coatings and others.

  • Moisture Resistant Starch
  • Water Resistant Starch
  • Waterproof Starch
  • Water and Moisture Resistant
  • Oil and Grease Resistant
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Non-Skid
  • Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor
  • Release Coating
  • Aquaban
  • Multi-Functional
  • Black Non-Conductive